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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Basket Specials & Suggestions


Basket Specials

gift baskets

Send a basket of Wachters’ Products to someone special today.

What better way to say thank you to that special person or business associates than with an Exclusive Wachters’ Product Basket. And if you have ever received one of these beautiful baskets created by our exclusive in house designer than you will know your recipient is in for a real treat. It is really simple. Just order the products you want to send and we will create the basket for only 7.50 for up to two products in the basket or 10.00 for three or more products in the basket (plus the cost of the products and shipping charges). You will receive the RPV credit so you will be earning a bonus in addition to making someone’s day with the best present of the year!

Call today to order your basket at 1-800-682-7100. Please allow three days for the baskets to be made prior to shipping.

**Laundro Kleen, All gallon size products and large size products cannot be made into baskets.


Basket Suggestions

Starter Basket

#38 Multi Vitamin Mineral
#41 B Liquid Chlorophyll
#54 Vitamin C and Quercetin

gift basket

Basic Health Basket

Basic Four Travel Pack
#19 N er G

gift basket

Body Care Basket

Sea Silk Face Cream
Sea Silk Body Cream
Nutri Hair Complex Shampoo
Nutri Hair Complex Condition
WDNA- DNA Refresher

gift basket


Men’s Basket

#50 Vitaman
#36 Omega’s from Land and Sea Plants
Nutri Hair Complex Shampoo


Family Basket

#34 Children’s Chewies
#3 Sea Green Drink
Golden 100


Family Basket

#34 Children’s Chewies
#3 Sea Green Drink
Golden 100


Stress Relief Basket

WAC Adrenal Complex
WN Nerves N More
94 Stress Tonic Tablets


Women’s Basket

#48 Lady Nouvelle
#64 Select Cal 1000
Sea Silk Face Cream
Sea Silk Body Cream

Your Imagination Basket
Any product combination you want!www.wachters.com


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