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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Healthy Heart Free Product Training

If you?ve never tried Wachters? Chlorophyll, you ain?t seen nothing yet

Valentine?s Day

Reminds Us about Affairs of The Heart

Your Heart is your most valuable organ. Protect it with Wachters? Healthy Heart products!


Free FEBRUARY Product Training

On Monday, February 10th, Call Toll Free 1-800-633-8284 And Enter #21111940

Healthy Heart

Carrie and Dr. Wheeler discuss the special qualities of Wachters' Healthy Heart products

No. 20 ? Co-Enzyme Q10

Essential Support for the heart, gums and immune functions

Professional Formula D

Full spectrum nutritional and herbal heart support formula

Hawthorn Berries

Shown to increase coronary blood flow, improve cardiac function and may help cardiac arhythmias

WH ? Heart-N-More

A unique historically effective herbal combination to support the heart and circulatory system

All products on Special for the Product Training Conference Call can be purchased

until Friday, February 14 in case lots at a 10% discount in addition to

your Distributor discount while still earning Standard RPV Credit.

On the night of the Conference Call, case lot orders of the Product Training Specials receive a FREE bottle of the product ordered.

TO PLACE YOUR ORDERS, CALL 1-800-682-7100.

Again, The Toll Free Number: 1-800-633-8284 and Enter #21111940

Available Two Times on Monday, February 10, 2003

at 6 pm Pacific Time

at 6 pm Eastern Time

Also, Record a Testimonial (to be broadcast on the Conference Call) &

Get a FREE Bottle of the Product You Talked About!

Call the Home Office for Details NOW!

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