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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:


NutriFact: Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the first product of light and is known as the "blood of plant life." Being the life force of plants and containing life giving nutrients in this liquid state it is easily assimilated by the human body. It's molecular structure is very similar to the molecular structure of the human red blood cell - hemoglobin. Chlorophyll has the same effect as iron, in the body, as it is high in oxygen and is a natural blood builder.

The brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated environment. It has been roughly estimated, that in a normally developed healthy adult, there are approximately 600,000,000 air cells composing the lungs, and 80 gallons of oxygen (400 gallons of air) are inspired in 24 hours. But how does this enormous quantity of oxygen get into the blood? Iron is the magnetic element which extracts oxygen, and if there is sufficient iron in the blood, as it passes through the lungs, it will take up the gaseous oxygen, condense it into liquid, and generate hemoglobin, which releases it to the cells and tissues, enabling them to breathe out their carbon-dioxide and other waste gases, and re-absorb the life-giving oxygen.

Chlorophyll helps to rebuild the bloodstream. Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll "concentrated sun power." He said, "chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs." Also according to Dr. Birscher, nature uses chlorophyll as a body cleanser, rebuilder, and neutralizer of toxins. It can also increase the hemoglobin production. Various studies of animals have shown chlorophyll to be free of any toxic reaction. The red cell count was returned to normal within 4 to 5 days of the administration of chlorophyll, even in those animals which were known to be extremely anemic or low in red cell count. Chlorophyll is great for pregnant and/or nursing mothers. It is a natural way to increase your iron and also increases iron in milk for breast feeding mothers And it helps the blood do its job, by feeding the organs of the the and increasing the amount of oxygen the different organs need to meet optimal function.

One great side effect of liquid chlorophyll, is that, it seems help to either cool the body and help balance the loss of nutrients you can loose through sweat or dehydration on a hot summer's day or warm the body on a cold winter's night. This is a normal function of the blood and can be optimized when your blood is healthy.

#9 Elemental Greens:

Wheatgrass Juice which contains chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients has been linked to many medical benefits. Some of those benefits are listed below

  • Increases hemoglobin production
  • Rebuilds the blood stream Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Improves the body's ability to heal wounds
  • Purifies the Blood
  • Creates an unfavorable environment for unfriendly bacteria growth
  • Washes drug deposits from the body
  • Neutralizes toxins and carcinogens in the body
  • Helps purify the liver
  • Improves blood sugar disorders
  • Keeps hair from graying
  • Improves digestion
  • Removes heavy metals from the body
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Aids in the prevention and curing of cancer

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