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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

The Latest Fads In Liquid Tonics

How does No. 35 Xxtra Boost Juice compare?

Looking At The Latest Fads In Liquid Tonics by Dr. William Wheeler, Ph.D., Director of Wachters? Nutritional Sciences

In a competitive nutritional market, it is only natural that there are many products all claiming the same or similar benefits. Ever since Lydia Pinkham?s Elixir of Life claimed all kinds of health benefits in the late 19th century, so it is with the latest elixirs on the market. Three liquid tonics have hit the market in recent months that warrant comparison. They are: a Polynesian fruit source, another mixture of herbs and sea vegetation and Wachters? newest product, No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice.

Quickly, there are several uncomplicated comparisons. All three liquids are marketed by multi-level network marketing companies. One has a single natural fruit source while the other two are formulated from multiple ingredients. Each company describes a range of benefits for its product. Two companies are less than 10 years old whereas Wachters? is over 70 years old. Wachters? makes over 100 nutritional products whereas the other two make only one product.

Let us examine the Polynesian fruit drink. Although one company made the original drink, there are now over 50 companies which market the juice, all claiming the same wide range of benefits. Some scientific studies are cited.

 Judging by the claims for this juice that we have read, it must be the greatest product since sliced bread! One critic, Moss Greene, a nutritionist online at Bellaonline.com, lambastes the juice as ?sugar water? supported by ?fake science.? She is very concerned about the validity of its incredible claims, calling them ?hype?.

The claims made by the second product, a sweetened liquid, echo those of the other product - still better than sliced bread! There is only one manufacturer which makes a similar broad range of claims for its product. Formulated with ten varieties of seaweed, aloe vera, pau d?arco and cranberry concentrate, this liquid claims to contain ?every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, amino acid and enzyme known to man in perfect balance.?  This claim is probably derived from the sea vegetation. It is a seaweed cocktail with three herbs. My sense is that the three herbs are added to make the seaweed palatable.

The company offers some scientific studies to support its claims. Unfortunately, the scientific studies are not available to study in any detail. However, I worry about whether the extravagant claims could be supported by any kind of scientific study. The claims have the same element of hype that Polynesian fruit juice does.

Of the two tonics, this liquid is closest to Wachters? Anniversary product No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice, our third product. However, the balance between the two products is entirely different. Wachters? No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice is an herbal tonic with sea vegetation. The Wachters? product combines sixteen herbs with Wachters? proprietary Blend of Sea Vegetation?. Long ago, Wachters? learned how to make our nutritious sea vegetation blend palatable.

Drawing from both traditional sources and the enormous knowledge of the Wachters? research team, each herb was chosen for its inherent properties as well as its ability to combine synergistically with the others to create an impact greater than an individual herb might have. The ingredients combine both energy and healing qualities. The addition of the Wachters? Blend of Sea Vegetation? - our ever present ?sparkplug? - to No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice ensures the ready absorption of the sixteen herbs.

Does Wachters? have any ?science? to support the claims that No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice will give the user energy and healing? If you expect double-blind randomized studies - and that is your only yardstick of ?scientific validity,? - then Wachters? will not meet that standard. However, Wachters? standard has always been the quality of its ingredients. Our benchmark is 100% U.S.P. Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients for all our products. Some 90% of the ingredients in Wachters? products are U.S.P. grade. The remaining ten percent are available only in Food Grade. Thus, the fundamental validity of our claims comes from our carefully selected group of suppliers who provide us with a Certificate of Assessment for each ingredient. In addition, Wachters? research team is constantly aware of the latest studies in the scientific literature which pertains to our nutritional product requirements. In no circumstance does Wachters? use ?fake science? to back up our benefit claims.

From the beginning, Wachters? has followed the lead of its founder, Dr. Joseph V. Wachter, in researching the best available evidence from every possible source - the latest scientific literature, our suppliers, the traditional and historical uses and the field  - to support the choice of the herbs we use in No. 35 - XXtra Boost Juice and other products. In addition, we use extensive field trials to determine the efficacy of No. 35 or any other Wachters? product. The testimonials of end-users of No. 35- XXtra Boost Juice continue to validate the effectiveness of the product.

A word about ?claims? and ?hype? - Wachters? has historically and will continue to avoid the ?hype? you see in many of the MLM companies. Since we began in 1932, we have been driven by a passion to help build health. Yes, we have to tell about the product and what it does. We convey our information in a balanced fashion.  We report testimony of the benefits. But we have never been in the business of hyping our products as snake-oil cure-alls. Every Wachters? product is to be used together with a good program of  balanced diet and exercise.

To be sure, we have been roundly criticized for not hyping our products at all. However, we have prided ourselves in being honest brokers of what we know are first quality nutritional products which help people to build and maintain health. Our 70-year-old reputation holds strong.

(Wachters? Expert View No. 2)

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