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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

SelectCal 1000:

Responding to the latest Calcium craze:

SelectCal 1000: "The Best Calcium/Magnesium Source" by Dr. William Wheeler, Director of Wachters' Nutritional Sciences

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in calcium/magnesium supplements.  Much of this interest has been caused by unsubstantiated claims made by unethical companies.  Moreover, these companies claim their product is a "secret" calcium source unlike any other in the world.  The truth is there is no single source calcium/magnesium supplement that has the characteristics claimed.

When Wachters' released Select Cal 1000 a few years ago, this product has remained the very best calcium/magnesium product on the market today.  The proprietary combination of seven (7) different sources of calcium, four (4) different sources of magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin C provides all of the nutritional factors necessary for optimum mineral utilization.  Furthermore, the base of chlorophyll and Wachters' Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation provides additional natural factors that promote cellular utilization of Select Cal 1000.

Other calcium sources such as coral calcium only contain only one source of calcium.  Furthermore, that single source of calcium only has one activity rate.  Whereas, Select Cal 1000 has seven different activity rates for calcium alone with magnesium having four different activity rates.

Calcium/magnesium supplements are important for:
1. Healthy bones and teeth,
2. Prevention of osteoporosis and
3. Normal muscle function.

Thus, there are several critical functions of a calcium/magnesium.

Single source calcium/magnesium products "miss the mark" for supporting such an important life function.  Additionally, single sources such as coral calcium claim to have been "naturally biochemically" altered to contain "all of the mineral nutrients for life". Again, this is a scientifically impossible claim.

Coral is now and will always be calcium carbonate.  Select Cal 1000 also contains calcium carbonate.  Additionally, it contains six other sources of calcium to meet the body's needs.  Furthermore, Select Cal 1000 contains over 60 different minerals from the Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation.  The organic sources of these 60 different minerals are superior to anything that can be found in coral.

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to review coral calcium as a possible ingredient.  It was a fair source of calcium carbonate.  However, one of my concerns was the lead content of this ingredient.  I would not use an ingredient that could be a potential source of the toxic metal, lead.  At Wachters', on the other hand, we test incoming ingredients for lead.  This allows us to provide you the most safe and effective calcium/magnesium product on the market - anywhere.

In summary, Select Cal 1000 is the leading calcium/magnesium supplement on the market today.  Its multi sources of calcium and magnesium provide the correct balance of activities for optimum health and wellness.  Furthermore, Wachters' Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation? provides a natural source of over 60 different minerals.

Wachters' Expert Views No. 1

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