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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Healthy vs Unhealthy Colon

Compare this picture of a Normal Healthy Colon with the X-Rays shown below.

Picture courtesy of V.E. Irons, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The six pictures below of prolapsed, distorted, twisted, sickly looking colons are exact reduced reproductions of X-ray negatives of the colons of APPARENTLY healthy, civilized people whose illusion about their physical condition was exploded when they SAW this conclusive evidence.

The colon's task is largely taken for granted, but when the colon is clean and normal we experience a high level of health and well-being. When it is sluggish, internal wastes accumulate and the entire body is affected. Unresolved problems in the intestinal tract and bowel can set us up for a host of health problems. Acute, chronic and degenerative diseases can develop including cancer, heart trouble, fatigue, premature aging, poor eyesight, memory loss, poor complexion, headaches, irritability, lower immunity, etc. Conditions such as these can be avoided. With a little care and attention to our diet and eliminations, we have the power to regain control over our health.

The bowel environment begins to degenerate when undigested foods and sticky, irritating processed foods stimulate protective mucus to form on the intestinal wall. Over the years, this builds to a thick layer of mucoid matter in the colon. The build up of this old matter produces fermentation, putrefaction, and stagnant pockets, which becomes the breeding ground for harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites. It also inhibits normal bowel contraction thus leading to a slower transit time and more build up. If there is a build up in the bowel, you can bet there is toxic residue at the lymphatic and cellular level as well. The liver, blood and internal organs can all be affected to some degree.

Wachters' Sea Klenz is an effective and gentle way to remove this ropey and tarry mucoid matter and free the intestinal tract of other harmful wastes. In the process of doing this comprehensive cleanse you create a healthy internal environment, which prevents the proliferation of parasites, yeasts and disease causing bacteria. Without a thorough and comprehensive cleansing these invaders cannot be successfully eliminated. During your cleanse you also permit the body to houseclean at a deep cellular level. This removes the tissue toxins, which choke the cells from receiving proper nutrition and from releasing their own by-products, which causes cell and tissue death.

Fiber Week: For each case you order of the following products you will receive a bottle free.

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