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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

New Animated Banner Graphics

Here are some new animated banner graphics to use on your Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Sites or to use on other sites to link to your own distributor site. You may also rightclick any of the images and select "save picture as" to copy them to your computer.









and some that have been on line for a few months courtesy of a Wachters' Distributor:



All these images are located at:

and can be inserted into your Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site by logging in, clicking "modify info" and then clicking on the "insert picture" icon.

Here is the html code to insert the first image above (wachters_banner_greenbg.gif)  into any web page anywhere to link to your site www.username.wachtersdistributor.com - Just change 'username' to your username, and the image name to the one you wish to use.:

You can use 'drag and drop' to copy any  images above or any image on any web site in the world into your Wachters' Distributor Personal Web Site.

Leave this window open and open up another window with your web site displayed. Log in and click 'modify info'. With both window visible on the screen 'drag and drop' an image above (or on any other web site) directly into your 'web text' box. You may even fine tune the html code directly by checking the "Use html..." box  at the bottom of the 'web text' area.

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