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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Promote Your Business


Once you have contacted all of the people in your ?Warm? Market? (although in reality it would take years to do that!) you will be left with the rest of the world to contact!

Your ?Warm? market contacts, and the referrals you get from them, incur no financial cost ? on the other hand, most other ways of prospecting will.

While it is possible to enroll  into the our business for a very modest investment, or even free, there will still be costs associated with getting your business started and building a successful team. We recommend that you establish a business promotion budget for the next twelve months. Whether your budget is $30, $100 or $500 per month, you should determine ahead of time how much you intend to invest.

The ?Hidden Market? is where you contact people you do not personally know ? and there are billion of them! Is that a overwhelming thought? Absolutely not!

There are many different ways to prospect for new Members and here are just a few examples:

1. Advertising

Advertising is a great way to support your prospecting efforts as you build your business. There are several areas where you can advertise.
? Local newspapers
? National newspapers
? Business magazines
? Health & Beauty magazines
? Specialized magazines/newspapers

Advertisements can be placed in several sections ? sales, marketing or management, business opportunities, job vacancies, classified ads.

You can also advertise using:
? Postcards in shop windows
? Flyers in mail boxes (the USPS has a very cost effective method of doing this check out USPS.com and look for information on mailers)
? Flyers on community notice boards, etc.

2. Promote on the Internet

For those of you who have websites, promoting your websites will attract a lot of people to your sites ? the sites will do the rest for you!

4. Buy Mailing Lists

You can buy, quite inexpensively, lists of people who are interested in home-based businesses.

5. Buy Pre-qualified Leads

You can subscribe to a lead generation program that will put you in touch with people who have shown an interest in working from home.

6. Hand Out Flyers, Business Cards, Prospecting Cards

Always have a few of the above to hand so that you can hand them out when the opportunity arises. You never know when someone will be interested ? be prepared.

7. Give Presentations To Groups

Approach ANY group that could be looking to raise funds for itself or for others i.e. Rotary Clubs, Scout groups, Religious groups, etc, or ANY group that could be interested in our product i.e. weight watchers, sport clubs, martial art clubs, groups of business people under stress (Chamber of Commerce, Business Associations), etc.

These are just a few examples of the ways to promote your business and the product.

A few words of caution ?

Don?t be tempted to give your prospects too much information too soon. Just because they have requested more information on a home based business, does not mean that they are ready to be overloaded with it.

Remember? If they have phoned you for more information, you are in the driver?s seat! You haven?t cold called them ? they ARE interested because your advertisement has hit their button at the right time!

You will get a certain amount of time-wasters amongst your leads ? those whose phone numbers don?t exist or are wrong, whose give false email addresses, who are under age, who are in another network and want to get you in their downline, who don?t speak your language, who really want nothing more than to spend their days as a couch potato in front of the TV, etc, etc? don?t be discouraged by this - this is par for the course!

Step 1 ? The introduction

It?s not necessary to spend a long time trying to build rapport with someone who does not know you, as rapport building takes time. But you are starting the process from your very first contact, even though at this stage you should keep your introduction short and simple. For example:

?Hi, can I speak to (Jeff) please. Hi (Jeff), my name is (Steve). I?m calling in response to your recent request for information on a home-based business. Are you OK to talk for a few minutes now? Can I ask you a few quick questions??

Step 2 - Qualify your prospect

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is that they spend too much time with the wrong people! Qualify your prospect early by asking two simple questions:

Qualifying Question 1:

(Jeff), if you saw something that you liked, is the timing right for you to take immediate action now?

If the answer is ?No?, you?ve just saved a great deal of your valuable time ? just thank the prospect for responding, tell them that right now you are looking for people that are ready to get started immediately but that you will send them information by email or mail. If they like what they see and have a serious interest they can get back to you.

Remember that you are looking for serious people who are ready to get started right now. You are looking to create momentum in your business. This won?t happen if you spend time with people who are either not serious or not ready!

Qualifying Question 2 (only if they have said ?Yes? to Question 1):

(Jeff), Why are you looking for a home based business right now?

Listen carefully to their reply and make notes as they are talking. Ask questions and be GENUINELY interested in what they are saying.

Step 3 ? Identify needs

Assuming the answers to the two ?qualifying questions? are positive, gather a little more information by asking a few more questions?

Are you working right now?
What kind of work do you do?
Are you looking for something to supplement your income or to replace it?

Step 4 ? Introduce our business

Now you know a little more about your prospect, it?s time to share a little more about what we are doing to see if there is a fit for you prospect. This can best be done as follows:

Thank you for sharing that information with me.

(Jeff), I?d like to give you the chance to hear about what we are doing so you can decide if it fits in with what you are looking for. If you like what you hear we can arrange to get you more information to review, does that sound OK?

Is now a good time to do a three way call with my uplien that will give you a great Overview of our business?

If ?Yes?, then say?

Great. If you just bear with me - I?ll connect us right away??

?then 3-way call the prospect with your upline, which you have arranged in advance.

If ?No, not really?, then go with the next best option?

?OK, when would be a good time for you? Would you then prefer to go to our website and read about our company??

Depending on their answer give them your web address and and arrange a specific time to call them back to review what they thought of the information (this needs to be done as quickly as possible).

Whenever they have gone to the website follow up by asking?

?From what you read, Jeff, are you interested in learning more??

If ?No?, thank them for their time and suggest that you keep them in touch, via email or phone, and that they try the products

If ?Yes?, continue to Step 5 below?

Step 5 ? Arrange information & follow up appointment

Now its time to arrange for your prospect to review further information and arrange to get back in touch to follow up. Here?s how to do it...

?That?s great (Jeff). Here?s what I?d like to do as the next step...

We have a great system designed to give you the information you need so that you will be able to make an informed decision on whether this is for you. This information is available

1. On the internet or
2. On a telephone presentation, or

3.. By post - I can mail some information to you.

How would you prefer to review this information?

(Jeff), we?re looking to put a team together pretty quickly so I?d like to ask that you review the information within the next 24 - 48 hours and then we can talk again. What works best for you? tomorrow at xxxx time, or xxxx day at yyyy time?

That sounds great. Jeff, please make sure you review all the information. The purpose of our next call will be to answer any questions that you may have so we can move forward if you see the potential. I look forward to speaking with you on xxxx at yyyy. Bye for now.?

Step 6 ? Follow Up

Follow Up in this business is absolutely critical. Make sure you call back your Prospect exactly when you promised.

Wherever possible have a member of your ?Support Team? available to help answer any additional questions that your prospect may have.

?Hi (Jeff), it?s (Steve). I?m calling, as promised, to follow up on the information you reviewed. From what you saw and heard, are you ready to move ahead or do you have some questions??

Address your prospects final questions, and then ask?

?So ? are you ready to join us??

If ?Yes?, find out at what level the prospect would like to participate and go through the registration process.

If ?No?, clarify again by asking them ?What is it that is stopping you moving forward?. If it is that they need some more information, use your ?Support Team? to provide whatever it is they need. If they are simply not interested, thank your prospect for their interest and agree to keep them in the follow up/information process in case things change. Invite them to become a customer.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions?

Questions that may be encountered during initial prospecting calls

Q: How much is this going to cost me?

A: There are various levels of investment, what I would like to do is explain the opportunity to you then you can decide which is best for you.

Q: But what kind of money are we talking about (if persistent)?

A: Figure out ahead of time how you wish to present this. A simple product program which will give them the products and the membership for fee is always the best for the prospect.

Q: What?s it all about then ?

A: Well, what I would like to do is just ask you a few questions about yourself and then I will be happy to share some information with you about the business opportunity. That way we can see if what I am offering matches with what you are looking for. Is that OK?

Q: What?s it all about then, the company information didn?t really tell me ad much as I would like to know?

A: Well we use this call to give you a short, basic overview of this business. Now you have listened to it and told me that you are interested in learning more about the opportunity, I can point you in the right direction so you will be able to learn everything you need to know. When we next speak I will be happy to answer any of your questions that you don?t feel you have found answers for.

Q: So how do I make money out of this?

A: Good question because it?s one that everybody asks! When you look at the information (or ?when you visit the website I am going to send you to?) it will become very clear as to how we all earn money with our products.

Q: Do I have to go out selling this product?

A: No, only if you want to. We are looking for entrepreneurs rather than sales people. After you have looked at the information (or ?After you have visited the website I am going to send you to?) it will become apparent as to what you need to do, but if you still have questions I will be happy to answer them all when we next speak.


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