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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Wachters' Organic Sea Products

Wachters' is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, for distribution throughout the world.

Wachters' is debt-free, owns its manufacturing facility, which is FDA-approved, and in compliance with a number of governmental agencies, including: U.S. Food & Drug Administration, State Food and Drug, Department of Agriculture, Federal Trade Commission, et al.. Wachters' has total control over its product quality, and follows GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices.

Besides utilizing the highest grade, natural ingredients, Wachters' products contain no preservatives, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings sugar, starch, or animal products. Wachters' products are also certified "Kosher-Parve," as a result of passing stringent testing of its ingredients, facilities equipment.


Founded in 1932, by visionary scientist, Dr. Joseph V. Wachter, Sr., whose mission was to bring the benefits of sea plants to humankind, Wachters' Organic Sea Products (Wachters') manufactures and distributes health, nutrition and personal care products in over 26 countries.

With an extensive product line of 150 products, divided into nine product divisions, Wachters' has consumable products to meet everyone's needs, from multi-vitamin/mineral combinations to environmental products. That means repeat business for the masses.


With the longest operating history in the industry, Wachters' is dedicated to its mission of "Spreading Good Nutrition Around the World". The company cares about its people. Its customers and distributors have dramatic testimonials about the benefits of the products -- which cover a 10 to 40 year time span and the impact they have had on so many lives. Contact Wachters' today, and see how your life can change!


Wachters' is the pioneer in the health/nutrition industry, with its Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation™ -- a unique combination of organic compounds, comprising up to 15 different species of the highest quality sea vegetation from around the world -- which is included in the base of each of its products, and serves as a synergistic activator ("spark plug"), of the other ingredients, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.

Wachters' team of nutritional scientists combined this Exclusive Blend™, with well-founded Chinese and Ayruvedic remedies of the past, and leading edge technology of the future, to assure that their "all-natural" products are without equal -- anywhere!


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