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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:



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Just wanted to let you know I love the Wachters' skin products - bought the stuff for bath-body lotion and face cream.

Love and Light to you.

April Battles
Equine Communication Specialist

    April Battles   |  June 02, 2020


Great Products!!

    Jeffra Sinclair   |  June 02, 2020


I have to say that Vetra Calm is a wonderful product! It was recommended to me (a few years ago) by Regan Golob. I?ve been using it ever since, with excellent results. I was using another product that required large amounts and I guess did not taste all that great because a lot of horses did not like it, some horses absolutely refused to eat their food with the product in it. Regan to the rescue! I have not had a problem since. I work on horses for a living and I?m very happy to say,? I can recommend this product with full confidence?. I have several clients who are currently using Vetra Calm (my own horses included) and they love it. It?s very cost effective, the dosage is minimal and the results speak volumes. I use it for horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (chromium), spooky/stressed horses (magnesium), digestive issues (cayenne & ginger) and the list goes on and on. My horses are happy and my client?s horses are happy. What a great formula!

Thank you very much,
Jeffra Sinclair
JS Essential Therapies

    Jeffra Sinclair   |  June 02, 2020


Hi Wachters Distributors and Friends,

I so want to share some amazing results I have had with a Wachters product
I have never used before, the Wachters WDCR decongestant and sinus
formula. A few years ago I pulled an old vaudeville stunt during a
brutal Chicago winter by slipping, stepping on a shovel and subsequently
hitting myself in face and breaking my nose...and more. Where was
America's Funniest Home Video to film this?
Now for the most part healed everything is back in place (at least I look
good). But, for the past two years, my sinuses have been a mess in
that they swell. It seems I can no longer get away with eating certain
foods as I have before.
My daughter has certain allergies and so I had been buying her the WDCR.
One day I decided to take three before bed to see what would happen.
sometimes breathing at night was a bit worse. Well the herbal
combination in the WDCR shrunk my swollen nasal passages and allowed me
to sleep peacefully. Before that, since breaking my nose, I have had to
wear breathe strips (information only my husband was privy to).
These days a lot of people are having to use c-packs at night to breathe.
This can make a big improvement in their condition. The WDCS has helped
me tremendously and so wanted to pass this on. Yarrow in particular
helps to shrink swollen tissues and is a vulnerary, which helps tissues
heal. Sleep is such a huge issue for many and our world improves
infinitely when we are well rested.
All bright blessings,
Dawn Silver

    Dawn Silver   |  June 02, 2020


I've been using Wachter's at least 10yrs now. I used to live in Texas
where I used to purchase from a dermatologist. Then after not being able
to get to that office, I started purchasing online. I have really thick
long hair which had been damaged and had to be cut very short. It is now
extremely thick and down my back. People are always asking me what's good
for hair growth and I always recommend the Nutri Hair vitamin, which I
take faithfully. I'm now in love with the Women's Herbal Guardian.

    Channon Armstead   |  June 02, 2020


Dear Wachters',

Most of the time, I plan well but not lately. The golden retriever, Lady, I took on at 4 months quickly began to grow to match her feet. In two months she went from #25 to #46 and could take me down when on her leash for a jaunt.

I had used the Sea Meal with other dogs and never went to the vet, so ordered the Sea Meal to keep Lady strong and well. However, both Sue, who took a sister dog, and I found we had part. Both dogs are with families on enough land to run well.

I have acquired two new customers with us of #96 for long-time problem. Each is willing to add supplement after a month of cleaning their systems. This business belongs to God and He not only keeps it going but keeps me as a very strong example of how a person can be. I have no arthritis or knobs on my body, I stay at #130, strong, agile, enjoying each day. Take no meds and the Wachters? products are the main source of my diet. Wish it were easier to convince people to make changes.

Continue to bless and be blessed, my dear. I pray so often for you and yours.

    Kris Powell   |  June 02, 2020


Kris Powell's Compelling Story

During Wachters? 1983 Convention Wachters? Executive Distributor Kris Powell told this compelling story about her mom and how she discovered the incredible benefits of Wachters? Organic Sea Products.

?My mother was a beautiful, intelligent, active woman who was unwell. On a certain day, she had been to two doctors. The first had said that if she didn?t have her legs ?stripped? she?d likely not be walking in a year. The second said (giving her a weekly hay fever shot) that if she didn?t have her sinuses operated on she might not be breathing in a year.

She went home on the streetcar weeping, when a diminutive woman got on, saw Mom and sat beside her. Is was Mrs. Ollar, a friend from her home sate of North Carolina.

?Why Adah, honey, yo? cryin?! What?s tha? mattah?? Mother told her. Mrs. Ollar jumped up, leaped into the air, clicked her heels and sat down.

"Ahah, Honey, did you see that? Remember last time we met, ah was on crutches for my arthritis? Let me tell you what I'm taking."

She did and Mom went home with her to buy a cardboard can of old #1 Original Sea Food and began to take it.

The folks has a grocery store where every summer Mother would basket the fruits and weep all summer with hay fever. Within six weeks of using the Sea Food, her hay fever was gone never to return. Within the next ten years, her legs completely healed of their varicosity. As people watched the change they asked how come and Mother was soon tortting to Mrs. Ollar?s for them. At last, she said to Mom, ?Adah, honey, this is ridiculous. You just write to the Company and tell them to send it direct to you!? which Mom did.

Of course, we were all taking it by then. Dad?s legs lost their burning and within a short time his heart murmur was gone, my brother began to gain weight and lose his walking death look. My complaint was chronic bronchitis with bronchial pneumonia each winter. By the second winter, only a slight attack and after the third, never again!

Mom visited her doctor who was amazed at her healing and took it himself for years after. He could not prescribe it since it was not a medicine.

On one of Dr. wachter's trips to Seattle he stopped to meet this Ada Christensen who was ordering so much #1. They hit is off beautifully ? very much alike in caring, concern for others, interested in everything and excited about life and open to ideas.

In those days women weren?t much in business. The song ?Give Me Some Se Food Mama,? was popular and Mom began to be called the ?Sea Food Mama.? If she were starting today, she would be on top.

Dr. Wachter was doing blookless surgery in Seattle at the time, manually destroying bloodvessels supplying an inoperable brain tumor in a man whose life he eventually saved. Each trip he would stop and visit and my we enjoyed him. He was so encouraging.

After WW II my husband and I returned to Tacoma, had a tiny girl and on his next visit, Dr. Joe held her and said she would be a big woman. ?No, not my very tiny girl.? Yes, he said she has big bones. Well, she indeed has her dad?s bone structure and is a big woman.

When I was expecting our second child, I took Adalee with me to the doctor who pulled her eyelid down and said, ?Get a blood count on this child. She?s anemic.? I knew it couldn?t be as I gave her the Sea Food. Since I do as I am told, I had her blood tested and the doctor was amazed ? it was high. She just looked pale and wane. Next trip up, Dr. Wachter took a look at her and said ?Get her off milk. It?s poisoning her.? Within a few weeks she had excreted lengths of mucus and became a rosary child. Dr. Wachter was a very wise man in all areas of nutrition.

On a trip to San Francisco, we visited the Wachter family and saw the work in progress in their garage. How many wonderful businesses have begun in just such a way. The family was delightful but the boys were terrible teasers and it was hard for their sister to keep a boyfriend until one stayed the course and carried her away to a better life.

Many times over the years, I visited the old plant ? unimpressive but fascinating. Dr. Wachter?s office was a wonderful place of displays, books, examples of dried sea vegetables and good smells. Ostentation was not his way.

Dr. Joe, Jr?s was much the same ? not for show but a place to read and study and think and go out from to created good things for others.

    Kris Powell   |  June 02, 2020


I wanted to tell you and everyone my story. I had started taking your Sea Vegetables about 10 years ago by a recommendation from a friend. I saw him last month after several years and could not believe how good he looked and felt. I hadn?t been taking any vitamins on a consistent basis. I work out and I?m 50. I wanted something easy that?s quick a one pack fits a day method. I ordered my 6 months supply of Futura 200. I feel better after only after a week. I love the feeling of energy I feel from all the vitamins. I love not having to worry about any bad ingredients that create fake energy as Chinese herbs do. I just plan love this product.
Thanks again. You need not get lost from topic of mind.
Suzanne Luce

    Suzanne Luce   |  June 02, 2020


I have been using Wachters for over 8 years now, but recently I was shown how it actually kept me from being gravely ill. I went to the E.R. last week, due to a cold that I could not get rid of. I felt dizzy, had a stuffy and a runny nose also. The doctor after examining me concluded that I was having a severe asthma attack, and gave me medication and a breathing treatment. Later after checking my blood, he says to me with a puzzled look on his face, I'm sending you home, you have 100% Oxygen in your blood and that is what kept you from having pneumonia (He was sure I had it from the symptoms I had exhibited.) I knew right then that it was the Wachters, because the Sea Vegetation being so pure brings Oxygen to the blood. I will make sure to keep taking my Wachters.

    Winona Johnson   |  June 02, 2020


I have used the Wachter's vitamin C #90, cholophyll, vitamin C, and sea vegetation for the last 20 years. This has helped me overcome numerous colds, and boost my immune system and energy level in times of stress. Throughout the years I have tried other viatmin C products, but nothing can begin to compare with the Wachters' Chlor-C #90.

    Suzanne T.   |  June 02, 2020


It's July in NYC and we've been hit by a heat wave. Enough to sap your energy in a New York minute. Yesterday as I was doing some yardwork, I decided to take a glass of No. 19 - N-er-G. Within about 15 minutes, my strength and energy had returned and I went out on another crash drive for more weeds. The same thing happened when I was shoveling snow last winter. A glass of No. 19 and and 15 minutes later, I whipped through our sidewalk and began to do our neighbor's. I know all Wachters' products are special and work, but No.19 is by far my favorite because I can see the results so quickly. Just give me some weeds and snow and I'll show them!

    Hal Wicke   |  June 02, 2020


I am a great believer in health foods and nutritional supplements. I have never, however, felt a great difference after taking any product, until my wife and I discovered Wachters' Futura 200. After taking the product for about two weeks we could both feel the difference. To my amazement, red blotches showed up on my rib cage and around the waist. The splotches were not raised, nor did they itch or annoy me in any way. I knew immediately that the Futura 200 product was removing toxins faster than the kidneys could remove them, and therefore were coming out through the skin. This lasted about two weeks. Though this might frighten some people, I am writing to say that the blotches were exciting to me, because this, I believe was a cleansing process.

Thank you Wachters'

    Fred Good   |  June 02, 2020


I have been taking Wachters' products consistently for over three years, including Phyter-Zyme and Female Formula - my digestive system has completely changed for the positive! I encourage anyone to try them. They are amazing!!

    Cathleen A. Guy   |  June 02, 2020


I want to thank you. I am a middle age professional and have benefited quite a bit from using the Vita-Man supplement. I used to use a brand from the store and never felt it did anything for me. But with the organic Vita-Man I can feel the difference. I'm not as tired, sleep better, and my immune system feels better too. I have been exercising moderately and eating right as well and dropped weight. My sister is now on the Lady Nouvelle and enjoying similar results. Thank you!"

    Satisfied   |  June 02, 2020


I am a mother of five children, 4 boys and a girl. In 1993 my youngest son was diagnosed with a rare terminal lymphatic cancer that affects one in a million. The doctors said that he had six to 8 weeks to live. I knew nothing about Wachters' but I was health conscious. One of my good friends mentioned that Wachters' made an excellent chlorophyll product to aid the body with blood cleansing. Being my son had cancer of the entire lymph system I figured that I should purify his blood. The hospital said that it was not hopeful being it was such a fast growing cancer but the oncologist gave us hope. The doctors worked with us and let us give our son the Professional Formula C. He took two tablespoons a day. We nicknamed him the green boy. After three months the doctors were amazed by the results we were having they expected him to be gone in six to eight weeks. He never got sick during the chemotherapy and he maintained an amazing energy level during the treatments.

He is now 11 years old and he continues to drink the Professional Formula C everyday of his life. We are thrilled and thankful that Wachters' exists and that we found a product that we believe is a life saver. Our whole family uses Wachters' #3 green drink and Professional C. Thank you for the fantastic products.

    Carol Gilbert   |  June 02, 2020


Thanks for recommending Wachters #40 Mineral and Vitamin Supplement. Due to stress I became dependent on marijuana to the point where even my memory was becoming a problem.But, after your intuitive energy assessment and recommendation of this vitamin and mineral supplement I am a different person in just two weeks. My husband has noticed such a change that he is also taking it. Our brains have just come alive.

    name withheld by request   |  June 02, 2020


As a mom of teenagers, working full-time in a very stressful job, taking care of family and friends, I can't speak highly enough of the Wachter's products. The variety and quality of the products is remarkable. They have helped me and members of my family fight illness, as well as, stay healthy. We all love your products!!!
We hope that you will be around for another 50 years!! Thank you and keep up the hard work!!

    Dava   |  June 02, 2020


I am 85 years old and in great health and I attribute it all to Wachters' Futura 200. I have been taking the product for 10 years and I have never felt better in my life. I gave some to my granddaughter during her finals and she couldn't believe what a difference it made with her energy level and alertness during her exams. She told her professor about the products and he was skeptical so he had them tested. When he got back to her - all he could say was there is nothing but the best ingredients in these products - not a single bad ingredient. Now they are both sold on the product too. Thank you Wachters' for making the best products available.

    Caroline Obermayr   |  June 02, 2020


Just wanted you to know that I had bought Aqua-Pro in Oct 2008. I didn't
use it until quite a bit later--July 2009. I was in school at that time,
and I was totally wrapped up in the work. I graduated Dec 2009, and I
promptly fell ill. I'm been slowly gaining progress with my health.
Recently going through old stuff in the back of the refrigerator, I found
the glass jar where I'd placed the Aqua-Pro powder. I actually tried it,
and it turned out to give me a tremendous boost of energy and strength. I
didn't believe it, so I drank more the next day; I had the same positive
results. Bottom line: even though the Aqua-Pro was* opened* (but
preserved in a cold environment) three years ago, it is still a viable
food. THAT's impressive.

    Miriam Pereira   |  June 02, 2020


Our 70 lb English Terrier, Primo, collapsed about 3 weeks ago and had to
be carried into the Emergency Hospital. After $1300 worth of tests
they found the results were all negative. The veterinarian concluded he
had rheumatoid arthritis, an auto immune disease, because his legs and
joints were swollen and in a lot of pain. The vet's solution was to give
him prednisone in large amounts to lower his immune system.
I tested Primo and found Wachter's Sea Veg and New Pet were very strong
on Primo so I sprinkled it on his food twice a day. I also added fresh,
cooked chicken, a little brown rice some sweet potato and fresh vegetables
to his Costco dog food. It amazed the vet and the office staff how
quickly Primo recovered. (This was before he was given the high doses of
I remembered that 40 years ago when I first joined Wachter's , Dr Wachter
used to talk about Dr.Josephine Tilden, a college professor
who contacted Dr. Joseph Wachter, Sr. and asked if he had a solution to
her crippling rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Joseph Wachter, Sr. told
her about the importance of diet and the trace minerals from sea
vegetation before anyone ever realized the importance of either one. She
struggled with pain while her joints were breaking up the painful
deposits. Dr. Joe encouraged her to keep it up, and she completely
It worked on Primo, our dog as well! Have you noticed how many people
have that problem today? A relative had rheumatoid arthritis and he took
all his medication and had many surgeries but when he passed away he was
still in intense pain

    Cheri Sakai   |  June 02, 2020


My first Wachters' Supplement was
Prosta-Gard which I first started taking in 1987 in San Francisco. It worked.
Since then I have added other products to maintain my health. I am 89
years old.

In 2013 I retired in Cotatachi, Ecuador Remarkably Wachters' sent a
shipment to that little village high in the Andes so I could continue
using their supplements.

Now back in the USA my shipments come to Atlanta. Soon I will retire again
to Ireland. I am healthy and love to travel. I use 17 of Wachters'
products and expect to live to at least 109. They seem to work for me.

Matt Donnelly

    Matt Donnelly   |  June 02, 2020


Dear Wachters',

Thank you for Wachters Products and the benefits they can bring. I am
Kathy Provence and I had a diagnosis of kidney disease and was facing
dialysis. The fatigue and extra weight were wearing me out and I had to
take 8 prescription medications. That was my life. Now after a daily
routine of nutrition of Wachters' supplements and a better way of life I
am healthy.

Each month during my scheduled doctors visits I showed improvement. At
first they said I needed a kidney donation, to three years of dialysis and
3 months later to not needing any dialysis in my lifetime. In less than
one years time I am no longer on any medications. My weight is now 127
lbs. from being over 197 lbs (I am 4 ft. 10 in), and I have perfect blood
chemistry and my doctor cannot believe I was ever diagnosed with being
diabetic. My good and bad cholesterol are balanced.

I can now stay awake after meals, and I have natural energy. I talke the
#26 Suprazyme with each meal, and WLA, WK, WD and WV herbal formulas and
the Golden 100. And I daily drink 41 Chlorophyll, #3 Sea Green drink and
#83 Vitamin C Complex. I mix it all with flax seeds, celery, and fresh

My body, arms, legs and triple chin have all toned down without much
exercise. I used to spend days doing puzzles and watching TV. Now I am
so active I don't do puzzles. My hair was balding, I did not rest in bed
and always had colds, flu and a runny nose. All symptoms are gone. I
rest each night using WN. My body is no longer in pain.

I am grateful for the living giving benefits of the sea vegetation
products provide, and I am walking proof of how good we should feel.

All my doctor co pays, medicine, and test strip money can now pay for cute
new clothes that I enjoy and adding to my savings account.

Thank you and I wish everyone good health on Wachters'.


Kathy Provence

    Kathy Provence   |  June 02, 2020


Having trouble with sleep, brain fog and over-heating at night? Try the
Wachters' Kidney Formula!

For the last three months I have been seriously struggling with serious
sleep deprivation. I am up all night lying there, over-heating and then
exhausted all day. For the past six months I have been experiencing many
symptoms from adrenal fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks. So much so that
I have had to drop out of school. I have gone to countless natural and
allopathic physicians. Some of my symptoms have improved a bit with the
prescribed herbs but nothing has made a difference with my inability to
sleep. Then, after hearing the diagnoses from an Chi-Gung master
acupuncturist of too much fire in the head (and triple warmer) needing to
be calmed by kidney chi, my mother had me take three tablets of the
Wachters' Kidney Herbal formula (WK1) before bed. For the first time I
slept. I am now on my third night of a full nights sleep. I cannot tell
you how grateful I am....thank you Wachters! The doctor said in Chi Gung
I needed to bring the kidney energy up to qualm the triple warmer. I am
going to start taking the WK1's during the day to see if it helps with
other Triple Warmer symptoms such as the intense brain fog ....will let
you know. Karina Wisniewski, age 22

    Karina Wisniewski   |  June 02, 2020


I began taking #52 Magnesium Potassium to help with leg cramps as well as
all over body cramping. Especially at night in my legs is when I get them
the worst. The young lady at Wachters recommended I take the potassium &
magnesium to help with the cramping. I didn't really think this would help
much, but I took her advice anyway. I began taking them and well, I could
tell a big difference the next day. Hard to believe I know, but it works
for me. I haven't had anymore leg cramps nor body cramps after taking
these. I am a 29 year old female and sit at a computer all day and
sometimes get cramps in my arms as well and have noticed that I am not
getting them anymore either! I highly recommend this product and glad I
called and asked.

    Chris L.   |  June 02, 2020


Last year I took 3 shots of liquid chlorophyll 3 times a day for a week and it cleared up the bleeding gums when brushing that I had experienced for many years prior. My gums have not bled since then!

    Heath   |  June 02, 2020


I am a very healthy 77 year old who has been taking Wachters Organic sea Products for many years. My first recommendation to any new customer is the Detox Cleansing products. A nutritional supplement program is more effective after a good cleansing. Then I recommend a Basic Program appropriate to a persons gender and add extra products to deal with an specific health issues. My personal products are Futura, Sea Klenz tabs, and Sea Vegetation tabs. My smoothie is Professional A, Professional C, and Boost Juice, add a banana. My prostate health is Zinc and Prosta Gard. I highly recommend aall the Wachters products for personal hygene and good health.

    Peter J Pothier   |  June 02, 2020


Hi I'm a distributor for Wachter's and my sister in law Valerie is taking the Liver balancer , Kidney and more and the Sea Klenz she is having the most awesome results. The Sea silk cream and Sea-toner are her skincare, her skin is absolutely glowing. She has had so many compliments, I am amazed at these products from the sea and their awesome ability to do exactly what they say they will do. I just had to share. Blessings.

    Nina Jewel Wood   |  June 02, 2020


For the first time since Banjo was diagnosed with Cushing's, his T4 levels have come back normal. Because his Soloxine binds with another medication he takes for his seizures, it was difficult to get his levels up. He has gone from non-existent to below normal to "within range". Happy words to hear from Haile Plantation Animal Clinic and a BIG thank you to Dawn Silver for her nutritional advice with Wachters' Organic Sea Products for pets. And, Thank You Carrie for sending them to us all the way from Daly City, CA to Gainesville, FL. You are both wonderful and Banjo says "Hey"!

    Soraya   |  June 02, 2020


Hi Colin,
I may have the technicalities wrong but wanted to tell you the jist of the story.
I have always read that Chlorophyll was an oxygen carrier to the blood.
The team of doctors in the hospital (where John entered with a 32 hemoglobin rating) said they had never known anyone to survive with a 32 hemoglobin!
The hemo as I understand it is the protein that supplies oxygen to the blood.
Even though his hemo was way low the machine they had him hooked up to showed a 99 blood oxygen. So they said well the machine was apparently not working right ! ! ! ! !
To me it was showing that he survived the 32 hemo because the Chlorophyll he has been receiving all these years through Wachter's allowed him to have more oxygen in his blood than an average person who had not had it.
They are still saying it is remarkable that he is still with us. He is doing well. BP normal and hemo now 112 and rising. Hope you can figure out my theory. Haha Thanks to you and Wachter's a life was saved.

Later when asked if I could post it on line:

Of course you can use it Colin. I am not sure I have all the technicalities right but the outcome was amazing. Use my name if you want of course. We are indebted to you so very much.

Note: the hemoglobin levels here are expressed in g/L (Canada). In the USA they are expressed in g/dL, ie normal levels are 10 times higher numerically in Canada than those quoted as normal in the USA.

    Martha C.   |  June 02, 2020


Hi Colin

Another update. John went into the hospital with a near fatal 32 hemoglobin. He had a tremendous amount of blood while there.
Since he has been out he has had three blood tests a month apart. Two were 112 and the last one 120. Thanks to the Professional formula A.
Thanks to you dear one for suggesting it. Our doctor was amazed. He is great too, half MD and half holistic. We are so lucky. And, he makes house calls . . . hahah.

    Martha C.   |  June 02, 2020


In Tribute to my Wonderful Mom, Helene Nasiatka

As quoted by one newspaper reporter, Helene presented and practiced the natural way before it was chic to do so. In 1982 the missing piece of Helene's Healthport's nutritional puzzle fell into place with the introduction to Dr Joseph Wachter, Sea Vegetation and Wachters' Organic Sea Products, which soon blossomed into the Healthport's shinning star.

Today I am so thankful to have inherited my mom's tremendous zeal for Wachters' supplements which provided me the opportunity to help her live her remaining years happy, healthy, pain and medicine free, despite her congestive heart failure and aorta valve replacement diagnosis 13 years ago.
My mom was transported to Apple Rehab at 97 1/2 yrs old due to a hip fracture. The medical staff allowed me to continue giving my mom the same Wachters' daily supplements that she was accustomed to taking. Within a few days nursing staff noticed mom choosing to sleep on her fractured hip side WITHOUT ANY PAIN. I attributed this to her years of taking Wachters' Alfalfa which made her bones strong, and Select Cal.

Wachters' yucky green Chlorophyll drink gave mom's aides something to laugh at. BUT SOMETHING THEY DID NOT LAUGH AT was mom's hand grip which was so very strong that when she would hold a caregiver's hand they felt she had the strength to break their finger.

Three of mom's aide's asked why she took vitamins. I responded the many years of having faithfully taken Wachters' supplements have kept her heart strong and medicine free and still walking without a walker until she fell. I gave them all a bottle of Wachters' FUTURA Multiple to try. A few days later I met one aide in the hallway wearing a big happy smile saying good morning to me. She shared - taking the Futura Multiple the past 4 days makes her feel wonderful and energetic, and her 11 yr old daughter asked her why she was so happy. A week later the other two night aids were trying to get my attention in the Rehab hallway as they giggled, laughed and pranced like a reindeer, gleefully saying how happy and full of energy they feel.

Below are Wachters' supplements that my mom took for many, many years. At Rehab I blender crushed the supplements and dissolved them in mom's Professional Formula C Chlorophyll drink mixed with 2 tbl's of #35 Ginseng XXtra Boost Juice, and water, which she drank throughout the day.

(6) FUTURA Multiple; (2) #94 Stress Tab; (2) #26 Suprazyme Digestive; (6) WH Heart-N-More; (3) Hawthorn Heart; (9) #20 Co-Enzyme Q10 (heart); (1) #88 Vitamin E; (3) WBB Brain-N-More; (6) #6 Alfalfa/Sea Vegetation. BEDTIME supplements: (4) #64 Select Calcium/Magnesium; (4) WJR Arthritic Joint Relief; (2) #52 Magnesium/Potassium (heart).

When mom was 93 we decided to not have her 95% blocked aorta valve replaced. I increased her daily Hawthorn tablets to help her heart pump stronger. I added (1) WDCR Sinus tab daily which successful helped my mom effortlessly expel congestive mucus without a problem which relieved congestion fill-up in her lungs as a result of her blocked valve. END RESULT, The above listed Wachters' supplements fed my mother's heart what it needed to allow her to live an additional 4 years healthy, happy and pain-and medicine free, even though she did not have the aorta valve replacement surgery recommended 4 years earlier.

I am sad to say that in December 2015, at the age of 97 1/2, my beautiful mother passed away in her sleep. I am very blessed to have inherited my mom's vivacious 32 year zeal for learning, personally using, and selling Wachters' supplements which now allows me to share my enthusiasm with my family, my friends and my loved ones.

    Janet Przybysz   |  June 02, 2020


I am a 31 year old female and have been using WACHTERS supplements religiously since June 2016 and have noticed a huge difference in my everyday health. I have more energy, skin looks and feel better, and I usually get the common cold around this time of year and knock on wood I haven't caught it. I have taken vitamins in the past from other companies that would upset my stomach so I stopped taking them, but with WACHTERS, they don't upset my stomach at all. I highly recommend giving WACHTERS a try, you will NOT be disappointed. The supplements I take and love are...

Sleek N' Lean
Nutri-Hair Complex
WAC- Adrenals N More
High Potency Multi-Vitamin with Minerals and Iron
Sea Klenz with Phtoenzymes
WLG Liver Balancer
Women`s Herbal Guardian
No. 52 Magnesium-Potassium
WTCB T-Cell Balancer

    Christina Livesey   |  June 02, 2020


I prefer preparing a Wachters smoothie each morning before my work-out and taking tablets when away from home.
The smoothie ingredients are Professional A, Sea Klenz Powder, Vanilla Less'N Lean, a banana, and Xxtra Boost Juice for liquid. Then I blend in my Nutribullet and drink with other tablets for specific needs. Good Health To You!!! PJ

    Pete Pothier   |  June 02, 2020


My name is Anita Small and I have been a registered nurse since 1999. I am certified in oxygen uvbi therapy. It is a procedure that pulls a small amount of blood out and runs through an ultra violet light mixed with ozone. I have noticed a big difference in the appearance of blood from people who are on the Wachters Organic Sea Products, especially the Professional Formula C and the N er G. Their blood appears to look "cleaner" it is brighter red in color and flows easier.

    G. Regan   |  June 02, 2020


The Gut Healthy and Vetra Calm have made a difference already for my donkeys?.

Ginny and I had a great ride on them Sunday and get to go again tomorrow!

I appreciate you.


    Cindy Brown   |  June 02, 2020


I have recently been introduced to Wachters vitamins and have noticed I am feeling better each day. I normally would feel sluggish but after taking 4321 WSE Southern Lightning I have a boost of energy. Also I've had some stomach issues (nausea, gas, heartburn, abdomnal pain) and it's seems after taking 4285 WIBS Intestinal Calm my stomach has been feeling better and I am not nauseated like I was before. I highly recommend these products.

    Victor   |  June 02, 2020


I've been using Wachters'products for many years and have enjoyed great benefjts from the many Wachters' products that I depend on. Today I wanted to give a special thanks for number 60, chewable calcium supplement. This product has not only gone a long way in helping me preserve my bone mass but has also assisted in intestinal complaints by providing a gentle tastful chewable tablet. Thank you Wachters'!

    Andrea   |  June 02, 2020


*Yellow Dock

It is considered to be the most medicinal variety of the dock family. The
roots of the yellow dock have been found to contain as much as 40% iron
compounds, thereby making yellow dock one of the best blood builders in
nature. It is very effective as a blood-purifier, and excellent for the
lymphatic system. It is very valuable for all skin disorders. John R.
Christopher ND

I have been using the Wachters Yellow Dock on cysts (ganglion cysts,
morton's neuroma, liver cysts) I would think yellow dock would work on
sebaceous cysts,
especially used orally and topically. 6 to 8 weeks at 2 per night,
reduced the size and pain of the cysts.

To make and ointment: I crush the tablets mix with olive oil let set or
can use coconut oil if you wish for it to be hard at room temp. apply on
cysts, boils, pimples etc.
I also find to take with warm water at night before bed.
Best in Health,
Doc Golob

    Doc Golob   |  June 02, 2020


I read through all of the testimonials and could not find one addressing osteoporis. Is there a product for this condition that anyone knows about? Thank you very much.

    Elaine   |  April 20, 2012


I have spent a lifetime struggling with hypoglycemia. Attacks of severe low blood sugar would come frequently leaving me weak and trembling and often faint.

Carrying food with me wherever I go has been a must. IT is not always easy and the supply must be enough to last the time out of the house.

When my first order of No.74 Snaks came I put a few packets into my purse along with the regular food for the day's outing.

I had used up my food ad was out longer than expected and became very weak until I remembered my Snaks. One package of Snaks elevated my blood sugar, gave me energy and cleared up my mind!

Since then I just travel with Snaks. As little as two tablets can get me through a long period without food.

What a great gift. Thank you so much, Wachters for this great product!! I wouldn't think of being without it and I recommend it for everyone not just hypoglycemics. Even blood sugar makes for a successful day for us all.


    Andrea Wicke   |  April 20, 2012


I am a diabetic my sugar was fine up to three months ago. Then it started to be very high in the morning. It started to climb to 189 - 200 etc. I hadn't eaten anything to cause it to be that high the night before. Scott Kennedy told me about your #86 Chromium Picolinate. I told my Doctor and he said go ahead. Now it's back down to 118 - 98 -125. It is back to normal. Thank you.

    Barb White   |  April 20, 2012


By Heidi Corey from Harwintin CT
(Distributor Since 2008)
When I went to the hair salon for a haircut recently, I didn?t have the stylist wash my hair because I had just washed it beforehand with Wachters? Nutri-Hair Complex Shampoo and Wachters? Nutri-Hair Complex Conditioner.
After the cut and product-free blow dry, she kept rubbing her fingers through my fine hair and couldn?t believe the thickness and softness the cuticle strands were. She asked me what products I use and, when I told her, she said ?Keep on using Wachters?!?
Being an ex-hairdresser myself, I was surprised at her remark only because a hair dresser is taught to use and sell only salon brands.
You're taught that everything else on the market is considered junk.
So I want to praise Wachters' O.S.P. for including their Borne from the Sea Personal Care line and for even allowing professionals to see the results as well.
I only wish there was a hairspray on the team!

    Heidi Corey   |  April 20, 2012


I am 15 years old and from Enfield, North London and I spend a lot of my
time campaigning tirelessly for animals.Therefore I was delighted to
discover that you do not conduct or fund tests on animals.I think this is
brilliant and sets a great example for similar companies who should be
doing the same. Thankyou very much for taking the time to read my email
and good luck for the future,

Danielle Jane Howe

    Danielle Jane Howe   |  January 07, 2012


I used the Suprazyme and I have to say it's the best digestive product I have used. If anyone has digestive issues, this is a GREAT product!! :)

    Frances   |  January 07, 2012


I took my last Hair supplement today and it has helped my fingernails a lot!

For the first time in about a decade my nails are not gross!

    Jannine Harper   |  September 22, 2011


I sprinkle #83 Vitamin C Drink on my green bean salad, potato salad and I
put it in my lemonade for my grandchildren. They love it and it gives
them the Vitamin C they need.

    Sandra Harris   |  July 29, 2011


Every morning when I make my Oatmeal I sprinkle #83 on top of it and it
gives it a delicious taste and I get my Vitamin C every day.

    Marge Mathias   |  July 29, 2011


Kris Powell has been an inspiration to me for a very long time.

My family and I were introduced to Wachters? products a good many years ago, through Edith Watcheff. Edie was always a very dear and loving friend and neighbor to our family, and we trusted her judgment on many things.

I remember Dad and I were taking one teaspoon full of the number one with a glass of water, every morning. That began for me in 1942 and I was 5 years old. Just last November I turned 70, and I?m still taking the seafood, only now in pill form. I do like the way formula taste of the original one though.

Kris has kept me in very good health these many years. I rely on her knowledge and wisdom to know what I need and to try new products. To me, she is wonderful.

    Kay Murland   |  July 29, 2011


I?ve been taking the following Wachters? products for 2 years now, Vericare, Kidney and more, Select cal 1000, #11 Sea Klenz with phytoenzymes. The dealer with whom I work with is Kris Powell.

I met Kris Powell at a wedding. Her grandson was marrying my granddaughter. I was struck by the fact that she was over 80 and was in such good health for a woman her age. She shared with me her vast knowledge of health care products, especially Wachters?. She shared with me her story about taking Wachters? since she was a young girl.

She started with promising to send me a product and price list, which she did. I am a 73 year old woman and I?ve been a type 2 diabetic for 30 years. I go to an Endocrinologist every 2 months. I?m insulin dependant. I deal with the diabetes quite well but it is the peripheral health problems that bother me the most. I have frequent bladder infections so that is why I?m taking the WK, Kidney and more. I believe that this product has kept these infections from advancing into my kidneys. I take WV, vericare because I have PAD( Peripheral artery disease) in my legs. I believe that this product has stopped the PAD from advancing and has prevented me from having surgery on my leg nerves.

Both of these products I take with the knowledge and approval of my doctor. I take Select Cal 1000 because I have arthritis in both of my knees; I was told to take a calcium supplement by an orthopedic doctor.

The most helpful product for me has been #11 Sea Klenz with Phytoenzymes. I was having a lot of trouble with constipation. Kris Powell encouraged me to try this product, which I did. There is no better feeling and a boost for my well being than having a well functioning colon, which this product has done for me. I recommend it to 2 of my adult daughters who are now taking it. They are just as pleased as I am.

I feel a great sense of security in taking Wachters? products as they come to me by mail directly from where they were made and packaged. There is no ?middle man.?

I feel very comforted in knowing that Wachters? products contain organic sea products, products that are more nutritious than land vegetables.
Sincerely, Carole T. Herzoy
A greatful customer

    Carole T. Herzoy   |  July 29, 2011


Our pet bull, Primo, was acting a little neurotic.He kept licking himself over and over. Samantha, our granddaughter, works at an animal emergency hospital and it seems like the usual charges are hundreds and many times thousands of dollars. So I decided to crush one of Wachter's black walnut, in case it could be parasites and one Wachter's golden seal because that has always helped me with allergies and infections. I mixed in 1/3 tsp VETRA CALM and gave him a dropperful of homeopathic eczema/psoriasis. It worked after two doses although I am continuuing it twice a day for at least a few weeks because he is so much happier and calmer.

So share this with the thousands of pet lovers out there. VetraCalm is on special and it's great!!! As usual, the herbs work!

    Cheri Sakai   |  July 29, 2011


Just take a look at the great ingredients in XXtra boost juice! There are so many "special juices" on the market today but they can't hold a candle to XXtra boost juice!

Just ask Jim and Wendy Portukalian. They buy it by the gallon! He's putting his order in for a case of pints to keep it in his van when he's on a construction site or travelling. Jim and Wendy have raised an amazing family of 11 bright children who glow with health. They were raised on healthy foods in a healthy environment and nursed as babies by a mom who took $3-400 of Wachter supplements a month to keep up her health and energy and to have the best mother's milk possible for her babies..

She used to say giving her children a healthy start in life was her responsibility. When they get older it is their responsibililty!

Jim also loves the #60 chewable calcium phosphorous. Chewing on 2 or 3 tablets would always stop his heartburns!

#40 is one of Wachter's original supplements. It's loaded with sea vegetation and minute doses of vitamins to keep it as close to nature as possible. The result is a supplement that is celebrating its 75th year on the market and is still loved by those who are fortunate enough to discover this reasonably priced one of a kind natural supplement!!!

    Jim and Wendy Portukalian   |  July 29, 2011


good, good, good news. My daughter-in-law's
hematocrit went from 9 to 12 in one week with the
professional C! and she feels much better.

    Lucille   |  July 29, 2011


I've been using Wachters for almost 6 years and I love many of their products, but the one product that has made the most difference in my life is Sleek N' Lean.

When I first started using it I had very low expectations. But I firmly believe that these tablets helped me lose 35 pounds and keep it off for the last 3 years! I am so happy now that I'm healthier. I started walking on a daily basis then began running a few days a week and I've never felt better! If you haven't tried Sleek N' Lean, you owe it to yourself to try a bottle - you'll love how you feel!

    Robin   |  July 29, 2011


Can you ship me a box of 6 bottles of WHP as soon as possible? If UPS has overnight service, please charge me the extra expense. I cannot do without it. I recommend it to many of my male friends who get up 2-3 times a night. I brag that by 9:00 am the next morning if I sleep in, then I do urinate but NEVER in the midst of the night.

    Matt   |  July 29, 2011


Your chlorophyll is the best. Helped me get rid of prostate cancer the last couple of years. Very humble thank you. What do you think the shelf life of the liquid chlorophyl is, stored in a cool dark place. (Admin: 2 years, but it is advised to store in refrigerator)

    Beau Henegar   |  July 29, 2011


My husband had many bouts of congestive heart failure until I added CoQ10 and hawthorne to his daily regimen. I was interested in the comment that CoQ10 should not be stopped suddenly. In March my husband had a mild stroke and because of the limited knowledge (my nice way of saying stupidity)? of the assigned doctor, he gave orders to the nurses that I was not to be allowed to¬ give my husband any supplements at all. In three days his stroke went from mild to severe.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have brought him home immediately and saturated his body with WH, CoQ10, Sea Veg, aloe vera? and chlorophyll among other things!.

I remembered too late that another friend in the herbs had a stroke about 20 years ago. Her son was going to rush her to emergency. She said, "No just take me to the kitchen near all my supplements and herbs with plenty of water." She saturated her body with all the nutrients for circulation and heart and in 36 hours she had completely recovered.

Because of? the limited knowledge of the doctor in charge I am still working hard to help my husband recover from the severity of his stroke. I watched in horror as his condition went from mild to severe and this sadistic doctor assurred me my husband would probably be
completely bedridden for the next 6-10 years.

Within days after bringing him home and giving him his wonderful Wachter supplements? his improvement was immediate and dramatic and though he isn't walking alone yet, he's now able to sit up and stand and walk with help.

    Cheri Sakai   |  July 29, 2011


At the risk of sounding a little crazy to the rest of the world I would like to report that my little cat is restored back to health. One morning he arrived unbalanced, falling over, head turned, not interested in food or water. This went on for three days until I could get him to the vet. She did not look hopeful when she diagnosed 'verticular syndrome' which could possibly be self correcting (an inner ear infection-type thing)and gave us feline antibiotics..the same type for infections from cat fights, etc. This cat would only nibble tiny amounts of tuna from my fingers and eye droppers of water, and the meds. He seemed to get better but then not, then better then not. So, he layed in the grass eyes out of focus, wanted to be alone, ready to give it up. You can picture the weight loss. Not wanting to give up I gave him two eye droppers per day of what I figured is a cat sized dose of Prof. C 1030. He began to eat once a day, then twice a day and with lots of nurturing he is back to normal after 12 days. His head is still a little tilted but he is fine now, playing, eating normally, drinking water and his weight is getting back to normal.

    Jillin J Francis   |  July 29, 2011


My husband's stroke was a devastating experience but with much prayer and many blessings inbetween we have survived it all and continue to do so.

One of the things we were told was his kidney's were failing and the worse part was he would wake me about five times a night to urinate about?1-4 oz or about 1/4 cup max each time.? He would also scream in pain anytime I would move him around.? So after asking for prayer and praying over him myself many many times, it came to me to add some herbs back?to his program.

I took him off so many things because he was resistant to swallowing the tablets and would cough extensively each time he would take them.

He was put on Avapro by the doctor but with the medication he would wake up itching and asking me to scratch his back at 2, 3, 4 am until I?could no longer sleep. ?And after I would scratch him I would massage some pain homeopathic cream on him to get him back to sleep. ( I soon found out the only way I could go back to sleep would be to start praying for everyone on my prayer list and take 2 Wachter's valerian!)

Well, to make a long story short, I gave him one Wachter's WD-1 one instead of the drug diurrhetic and his caregiver noticed it worked better than the medication.? Then I added WK-1 for his kidneys and Men's Prostaguard, only 1 at breakfast and 1 at dinnertime and drinking it down with cranberry juice and water. After one week his output increased from 5 scant urinations to 1 3/4 cups at 11PM before I went to bed and 1 1/2 cups at 6AM.? This is over 3 cups!! We haven't been back for another test but it looks like his kidneys as well as his prostate are operating very well!?? He no longer itches and I am sleeping much better!!

I added Wachter's WR-1 for his respiratory system to help with his coughing as well as 1 golden seal and I noticed his coughing has lessened when he swallows.?

Then someone pointed out to me that the pain radiating from his lower back to his left hip and down his leg sounds like he has sciatica.? I remembered that I had helped a lot of people with sciatica with Wachter's WN-1. So I gave him 2 WN plus magnesium to relax his muscles and amazingly after almost 6 months of pain, his caregiver, Herminio has noticed?the pain in his lower back has gone away.? Each time he woke up I would roll him to his left side and then his right side, thinking the pain was caused by his stiffness from not moving around enough. As I moved him last night I noticed that he did not complain about hurting.

So again thank you for praying because we are so encouraged.? I believe God is a mighty miracle working God but I feel this whole thing has also been a great learning experience to find what works and what does not so we can also help others going through the same or similar things. .

Now we are focussing on his left arm and hand to get it to straighten out without pain so he can hold on to a walker and hopefully be encouraged to walk again. So we would like specific prayer for his left arm and hand to get it to?stay flexible?without pain.

Cheri Sakai

    Cheri Sakai   |  July 29, 2011


My husband had a series of congestive heart failures before I put him on regular doses of WH-1 and CoQ10. Unfortunately when he had a mild stroke in the theatre on 3/24/09, they rushed him to Brotman Hospital where Dr.Mittleman gave orders to the staff to watch me carefully and not allow me to give my husband any supplements.† In just a few days he went from a mild stroke where he could move all his limbs to a severe stroke which paralyzed his left side. We are working with lots of supplements along with physical and speech therapy to help him recover.

In the hospital they said he was on the verge of kidney failure. They put him on the drug,?furosimide.? When he came home we put him on WD-1 and found it worked even better than furosimide.? When we found he was urinating less and less, we added WK-1 which Betty Harbour in Louisiana has found actually has herbs in it that rebuild the kidney.? She has had success in restoring the kidney function of many on dialysis.

We also put my husband on Wachter's Prostaguard.? The problem I had been having with my husband was that his throat was also partially paralyzed which limited how much I could give him. I wondered why he kept asking for ice cream. I found if I blended his food with the Wachter tabs and put either fresh pineapple or papaya in with the salmon, cole slaw and brown rice, it actually tasted good and we were able to get more of the herbs in him.? So now I serve him "ice cream" on a regular basis along with the herbs!

I serve him regular foods but instead of taking his food away when he stopped eating I would then blend his food either with the Vitamix or the Magic Bullet and he would eat like he was starving!? I must not neglect to add this revelation knowledge came after much prayer by all of you wonderful people who have cared enough to pray for my husband, myself and Hermenio, his caregiver.

He had been looking like a skeleton after not eating for several weeks but he is now filling out and getting his strength back!!!? God is good!!!!

    Cheri Sakai   |  July 29, 2011


Over the years I have tried several other products and the ONLY supplements that I could ever actually FEEL a positive response too are the Wachter's products. I have been struggling with severe brittle diabetes (which is why I stopped all activity) and come to find out that demineralization is a major factor in this dreadful disease.

Thanks again

    lotte (Charlotte) l. Bowen   |  July 29, 2011


Our friend Kris Powell introduced us to Wachter's and we have been faithful users for about 50 years. My two daughters have been using it since birth and now pass on that loyalty to their children. Thanks for your many healing products.
Betty Ann Williams
3377 Hidden Valley Drive NW
Salem OR 97304

    Betty Ann Williams   |  July 29, 2011


I am Betty Ann Williams' daughter (see May 11 testimonial above). What she didn't mention is that when she and my dad started taking Wachter's they were a young married couple in the early fifties with a history of poor health caused by inadequate childhood diet during the Depression and the stresses of life during WWII. Their health improved so much that they have never stopped taking it.

Our family lived and thrived in Kenya for 7 years, my sister and I have had excellent health, and our children have been very healthy. No one believes that my mother is 86; she has abundant energy and a very sharp mind. She can still type 100 words a minute and has not a hint of arthritis. No one believes that my sister and I are 52 and 50, either.

My Dad contracted a staph infection when he was about 68, and it became severe so that his legs were not moving. Through his long stay in the hospital and the experimentation of many antibiotics, he had not one single bedsore, thanks to Wachter's. He recovered and lived another 9 years.

Kris Powell put my husband on the Vita-Man combination packet when he was in his mid-40's, and because of the saw palmetto and other nutrients in it, he has never had any hint of prostate problems, and he is now 61 and thriving.

Through our 20 years together in West Africa and East Africa, we have had excellent health and are so grateful to Wachter's. We discovered a few years ago that both my husband and I picked up an obscure parasite, probably many years ago. It has been in our systems for some time, and yet we still managed to function. It was encouraging to deal with this situation, but even more sobering to realize that had we not been taking wachter's, we might have been severely ill a long time ago.

Other things we are convinced wachter's has helped: our sons are now in their twenties and show no signs of the hair loss that they should have inherited from my father. Our youngest son has ADHD, but has never been hyperactive; every new publication I read about ADHD recommends vitamins and minerals which are built into the basic Golden 100 formula...I am certain our son has been spared much because of this.

We are so grateful for Wachter's and we hope many more people will see the benefit and start!
Karen Goldfain
Denver, Colorado

    Karen Goldfain   |  July 29, 2011


This is the greatest special of the year! I take Prof C Chlorophyll everyday!?Because of?all the stress I've been under, a couple of weeks ago?I awoke with my right eye?filled with?blood?so I went for a checkup. The right eye cleared up in a week and all my blood tests showed up perfect.? I asked about my thyroids since my sister and cousins seem to have?thyroid problems.? The doctor's comment was, "They're perfect. But I don't know why with all the stress you've been?under."? I am so thankful my eyes cleared up quickly because a very close friend had bleeding in her eye and after three surgeries she is now legally blind in that eye.? I give credit to lots of wonderful friends praying for me during this time, the Wachter chlorophyll, vitamin C?and herbs and of course my awareness of what to eat and not eat.? I happened to be eating a lot of grapefruit at the time and when I eat grapefruit, I scrape the sides and the whites of the grapefruit which is filled with rutin and happens to be the very thing that stops bleeding in the eye.

Cheri Sakai

    Cheri Sakai   |  July 29, 2011


CHLOROPHYLL: As an infant, my daughter would initially give Nick 1/2 tsp #41B liquid chlorophyll daily, adjusting the dosage as his weight increased. Now 6 years old, Nick's 1/3 glass of Professional Formula C chlorophyll is an automatic part of his day before he heads off to school.
Nick also knows when coming down with a cold that he needs to take a second glass, sometimes a third, until he feels better, which is usually the next day. Nick also knows chlorophyll will take care of his belly ache when he has had too many junk treats. When I would pick Nick up from Nursery School he would find two small glasses of Chlorophyll on my kitchen counter. One would be for "Poppa" when he would come home for lunch and the other for Nick (to dilute the 'goodies' which he would have at school that day). When Poppa would be late coming home for lunch, Nick would delightfully brag to him that he had already drank "both glasses".
What a blessing for this young child to have such a wonderful thirst for this awesome green drink. Since he was a toddler, Nick has also been taking the Children's Chewies Multiple Vitamin and Mineral with Ester C.
Our "green-boy" now makes sure his 5 month old sister has her daily dose of #41B Chlorophyll. In addition to so many other wonderful Wachters'
products, my family could not be without Professional Formula C
Chlorophyll in our home.
Janet Przybysz, Mystic, CT July 2010

    Janet Przybysz   |  July 29, 2011


Hi Regan,

I wanted to let you know that the Vetra Calm is incredible. Echoe turned black after just two days. His energy is up, he is eager to go out and
ride and not so lethargic! AWESOME!

Blessings to you

    Michelle   |  July 29, 2011



    Alicia   |  May 15, 2008


Hello Regan, I wanted to share with you the experience I had with the
Vetra Calm product you shared with me. We were shipping a two year old TB
gelding to New Jersey and this guy was a handful by nature. Always full of
himself and reactive. This was only his second time in a trailer and he
had a week long trip ahead of him to get to his destination on the East
Coast. I gave him two scoops of Vetra Calm once a day for three days
before he left and put one heaping scoop in his feed baggie per day for
the trip. As usual, the truck was late picking him up and he had to load
after dark, down the road at the neighbors in unfamiliar territory. Any
other time in a new area he would be nervous and jumpy. That night he was
so calm I couldn't believe it. I told the driver more than once to watch
him as he could be reactive but he made a liar out of me by being a
perfect gentleman. He even drank water immediately when he was put in his
box stall on the truck. I know the Vetra Calm was behind this wonderful
behavior because I had been working with this young horse for a year and
new him well. Thank you again for sharing this awesome product with me
and I will continue to keep it on the shelf at the rehab center as I can
think of many times I wished I would have had it available in the past.
Be well, Kelley Mills Willow Creek Animal Rehab Center, Ellensburg,

    Kelley Mills   |  October 30, 2007


I was gathering my bags together as I flew out of the house to get to a
plane. I grabbed my trusty leather backpack that I always use on trips. I
loaded it with my book, wallet and a few other treasures.
It did not take long to discover I had a small pouch of 19 N er G opened
and spilling ALL OVER EVERYTHING. So lesson ONE is don't leave those packets
open in a purse, clean up is interesting.

Now my hands were in green everything cleaning up the bag and all it
touched. Soap and water cleaned it up well but my hands were quite green. I
had a splinter in one finger, I had a some bumps that looked like warts on
another finger. I thought these were toxins pushing out. This morning I
checked my bag, cleaned and dry, then I looked down at my hands. They also
were cleaned. The green absorbed into my skin. *And* my bumps and sores were
gone and healed up! WOW Who knew N er G was great for speeding up healing
the skin. I will use it in spray bottles to help was out wounds for our
horses. Who knows what else.

    Conleth   |  October 22, 2007


Thank you for the information on #52 Mg/K+ for sore muscles.

    Michael Ross   |  October 15, 2007


Wachters' WK is the best product that you make. Whenever I get the smallest of pain in my back area where the kidneys are I take 2 - WK's and the pain is gone.

    H Wyatt   |  October 15, 2007


Had a patient with kidney stones, used the Formula C and the WK pain relief in 4 hours all pain gone stones passed without pain in 3 days,

    Regan Golob   |  October 15, 2007


I just talked to executive Helene Nasiatka from beautiful Mystic, Ct. She and her husband, Alex are living testimonials of how effective Wachter's is! Can you believe they are in their late 80's and doing great!
Her great grandson, Nicholas is now 1 years old and because his mom loves dogs and Nicholas loves the dogs, Grandma Janet feeds Nicholas at least 1 tsp. of Wachter's chlorophyll a day to protect his immune system while he plays with the dogs!It works because baby Nicholas is strong and healthy!

    Cheri Sakai   |  October 15, 2007


I have a history of very high cholesterol and I have been taking the new WCF Cholesterol Formula for about three months. My bad cholesterol has dropped 49 points and my good cholesterol has increased by 24 points. My doctor asked me what I had been doing because he was going to put me on statin drugs but I said that I would rather stay with the herbs that I am taking.

Thank you Wachters' for such an excellent product.

    gina   |  October 15, 2007


I began taking futura 2000 as a supplement and happen to become pregnant with our daughter within the first 2 months. This was a surprise since my husband and myself had been childless for our 9 years of marriage despite 7 years of various infertility treatments.

    withheld   |  October 15, 2007


Off and on for 25 years, I have taken the green water (our term ) as well
given it to my children. When my last child was 4, she went for her yearly physical (the only time she went) and the Dr. said, "This child's blood work looks as if she eats steak 3 time a week." My son took it to keep him from being constipated. I have tried other brands from various health food stores, but none are as satisfying as the Wachters. I love the taste of a cold glass of water turned green. It seems as if I crave it.

    Virginia Wilson   |  October 15, 2007


I have to say how IMPRESSED I am with your company, your products, AND your
customer service! I have food allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia (and just
about everything that's related to it.) Consequently I take a LOT of supplements,
and have used many different products from many different companies.
But I have NEVER been as pleased as I am with yours.

    Deborah Lee Kidd   |  October 15, 2007


I am writing to let you know that I received my order yesterday.
I also want to let you know that after 12 hours of taking my dose of your product, the sores on my tongue caused by B12 deficiency have nearly gone. Wachters is the ONLY vitamin product that I have been able to find, that actually works and helps keep my pernicious anemia in check.

Again, my anemia is hereditary, and had no other choice of treatment than B12 shots. And it is hard to convince most doctors that this type of anemia has other symptoms other than low red blood cells. All they want to do is poke and prod and investigate my intestines for the cause of my anemia. I tend to be skeptic about vitamins, and my experience is that most are a waste of money. But Wachters products have proven to me that their formulary is effective and has given me the only relief I have been able to find.

Thank you!
Cherie McNaul

    Cherie Mc Naul   |  October 15, 2007


I love getting the e-mails about A's specials. But this one is for
fighting the last of the spring colds.

HOWEVER - I have, nor has John, not had a cold or the flu since we started
with Wachter's in 1979. That was a long time ago.
Thanks to all of you!

    martha Crawford   |  October 15, 2007


I thoroughly love the new Nutri Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. I was thrilled that Carrie asked me to help in the testing of these products. I have curly, coarse , thick, long hair and it is very hard to find a product that keeps the frizzes out. My hair is very soft and manageable since using these products. I have tried many products through the years and nothing compares with the Nutri Shampoo and Conditioner. As I have told Carrie many times I now know how it feels to have hair that I can do something with.

    Becky Harbour   |  October 15, 2007


I received a great Wachters testimonial last Sunday from a friend who had
severe arthritis pain and I wanted to share his story with you.

I had suggested last month that he try a daily regimen of Wachters powdered
colon cleansing product, Sea Klenz with Phytoenzymes (digestive enzymes) - (I
told him it was to clean out the colon and rid the body of accumulated
wastes), Liquid Chlorophyll - to alkalize his system and change it from acidic to
more alkaline; and the herbal combination WPR (Pain Relief). He had been
using Celabrex for over 2 years and wanted to get off of it to minimize the
toxic side effects on his liver. He started taking our products the middle of
November. Last Sunday (middle of December) he told me that he woke up one
morning without any pain so he didn't bother taking the Celebrex. The next day was
the same thing and so he didn't need to use it again. As of Sunday he had
not had to use any Celebrex for the past 5 days because he didn't have much
pain. He said it was about 80% gone. He felt great otherwise. He was thrilled,
so was I, and so was his wife who has wanted him to get off the Celebrex for
a long time.

    Nancy   |  October 15, 2007


Besides the physical benefits of these products, nothing can compare to the confidence level you receive when you're on these products. I've taken Professional Formula D, Formula C, Select Cal, And Southern Lightning for about five years. As a trainer of athletes, sometimes you just can't tell peop0le what to do, you have to show them. "The confidence is that you know these products are working on your cells. With the energy Wachters' products give me, I'm prepared for my opportunities."

    Rodney Scott, Compton   |  October 15, 2007


Two of our clients recently told us about the results they were getting from a combination of number 4 Calcium Magnesium and number 6 Alfalfa/Sea Vegetation. Both had a chronic condition of bumps under the skin that were all over the body. Both reported improvements in a couple of weeks, and in one of them the bumps have totally disappeared. The other client only started a few weeks ago so we will see what happens with her.

    Colin Maxwell /Agnnes Kraweck   |  October 15, 2007


I have had prostate cancer for the last 5 years. I take tableted sea klenz, bioplex, futura 200, wd herbal, whp prosta-gard, wpp combination & formula D. I have taken these for about 4 years & my psa count is down to below 1. It was as high as 18 at one time. My doctor is amazed.

    Dale Pitts   |  October 15, 2007



My name is Margaret Wilson. For 32 years, as a single mother of three children, I worked long hours while raising my children alone. Throughout this period I suffered from chronic pain with headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia, diverticulitus and high blood pressure. I also had an on going battle with breast cancer. My children were my only motivation for getting up and going to work every morning.

I recently spent 4 days in the hospital with a blood pressure of 280/110 and a cholestrol level of 270. I had very little energy and problems with numbness in my hands and feet as well as problems with memory.

Along with specific dietary changes, Cheri Sakai recommended Formula D, CoQ10 and Garlic Parsley to increase circulation, support my heart and lower my blood pressure. My blood pressure is now down to 120/94!

For better elimination I take #93 colon conditioner. She explained that because constipation is many times related to poor digestion she also recommended I take Phyter-Zyme with all my meals as well as my supplements.

I was on several medications for pain and she suggested that I take #64 Select Cal, Ache B Gone and WPR. This has reduced my pain considerably. For my headaches WMH has proven effective.

Cheri pointed out that even as sugar causes problems with your teeth it can also be very detrimental for the bones and contribute to pain in the body. Wachter?s #86 Chromium Picolinate has stopped my sugar cravings.

#19 NerG has given me a lot more energy. .

As I have decreased the sugar in my diet and added Wachter?s herbs and supplements, in just three weeks I feel so much better.

Not only do I feel better but my family now remarks on how much better I look. I don?t look as tired nor do I have that expression of pain on my face that I have had for so many years!

    Margaret Wilson   |  October 15, 2007


I've been taking the Basic 4 since around 1980 and would not be without it. I found it when I had a bad cough after helping my husband replace our roof, while removing the several layers of older roofing without a mask. My biochemistry background and extensive research into vitamins and minerals had not helped this time, and then a friend sent me the Basic 4. Her masseuse had recommended them. Suddenly I got better and my usual energy returned. Each time since then that I've run out and had to take other brands - no matter how expensive or complete - the difference has been obvious. Everyone I've let try them has had the same experience with them - namely that they just make you feel the best normal you can remember feeling, and you find that you can think clearly. It's truly amazing that so much benefit can be bought at such a reasonable price - by far the cheapest health insurance I've ever found!

    Indra Allen   |  October 15, 2007


I started taking Wachters' liquid chlorophyll in 1991 when I was pregnant. I have had digestive problems since I was a teeager. Recently my chiropractor who is also a nutritional therapist, told me liqiud chlorophyll probably has prevented me from getting irritable bowel syndrome!Wachters' chlorophyll keeps my system running in good shape.

    Diana Gushulak   |  October 15, 2007


I have happy with all of Wachters' products that I've been using, especially do I want to express my appreciation for the Echinacea and Golden Seal Root. At the first sign of a cold, I start taking a tablet of each with breakfast and dinner and continue for about 2 weeks - seems to nip the cold in the bud. Thanks for my cold-free winter.

    Jane   |  October 15, 2007


Last Sunday, I had a really bad fall on my lower back. I was in severe pain. I managed to get up but for almost a week it was very painful getting up and down or in and out of a car. I went to my chiropractor but he wasn't in. I called my MD and they said I would have to wait several weeks for a referral and that I would have to see an orthopedist first.

To make a long story short I added 4 WPR to my every day regime of 4-5 Select Cal, 1 T of chlorophyll, 1 tsp of 83A 2000 mg. Vit.C and 1 Futura and 1 Form.D 3x's a day.

The WPR for pain relief put me to sleep so I could sleep through the night wihtout pain and as the days went on it seemed to reduce the inflammation. I'm sure the chlorophyll and Vit. C contributed to my healing as well.

Today is the 5th day and I can't believe how much the pain has receded.My husband pointed out that if I hadn't been taking the Select Cal faithfully, I could easily have broken my hip which is not unusual for women of my age. Thanks Wachter for once again rescuing me from what could have been a tragedy!!!

    Cheri Sakai   |  October 15, 2007


I thought I'd tell you of a way in which I use Uni-Kleen. When I travel, I take along a recycled 1fl.oz. eye-dropper bottle. I fill the bottle with Uni-kleen for doing laundry and whatever else I need it for, like cleaning my hands from an unexpected auto repair (a few drops spread over my hands before I get into the grease/dirt that only a car has creates a thin film of Unikleen that protects my hands from absorbing the dirt). As for my laundry, four to six droppers full does the job. When I do my laundry at home, I always put three droppers full in with about 1/4th or 1/3rd cup of my ordinary laundry soap (instead of the full cup the manufacturers recommend. Since including UniKleen in my laundry I've used much less laundry soap per washload. Lon Elmer

    Lon Elmer   |  October 15, 2007


Wachters' No.22 to the Rescue:

Protection from fallout, that's what I remember Dr.Joseph Wachter taking about, among other things, back in 1979 when we first learned the benefits of sea vegetation.

We now live in Santa Cruz county and not far away is Fort Ord where they plan to burn used uranium and old munitions in an effort to "clean up" the area now that the military has vacated it.People are concerned about exposures to the toxic smoke.

We are telling our friends about Wachters' No.22 and that one tablet provides 150% adult daily iodine needs. Hopefully, when the thyroid gland gets dietary iodine, it will not absorb the radioactive iodine from the atmosphere. One of our dear friends started the Wachters' No.22 last month. She called me the second day all excited because her energy came up after the first two tablets ! And she had been taking thyroid pills for over a year with no increase in energy at all. Now she even looks better, and feels like a new lady.

The difference with Wachters' is the Wachters Blend of sea vegetation with the micro food factors and easy digestion. Thank you for all the work that goes into making these fine products available for us. Our health and the quality of our lives are better because of Wachters Organic Sea Food.

Appreciatively, Bonnie Hughes

    Bonnie Hughes   |  October 15, 2007


Liquid Chlorophyl No. 41 helped my older client in Ontario double his dangerously low hemoglobin levels. His doctor could not figure out how his levels recovered so miraculously.

    Agnnes Kraweck   |  October 15, 2007


I am a female in my 60's. In the late 70's I was diagnosed as having a hiatal hernia. I was also seeing a chiropractor at the same time and he gave me exercises to do...nothing seemed to help. I went to a another doctor who was into the health scene and he gave me a bottle of Wachter's non-animal enzyme. After taking 2 bottles the pain disappeared never to return as of today 1/3/03. I kept a bottle around 'just in case', but never had to use it..finally had to get rid of it. Unbelievable...before the change to Suprazyme (I think it is called now), I recommended it to several friends and they likewise had success.... I now have Type II insulin resistant diabetes and Doc, I'm coming 'home' to see if there is anything that you can help me with...I tend to get grouchy (which probably is not the diabetes :o)..got anything for that Dr? Let's see, gotta lose weight and get some energy. Am a walking mess, but am not bothered with the hiatal hernia anymore....I shall return. Hopefully to report that I have become a low-sugar, loverly, energetic, and less heavy (don't want to push it by saying 'slender') persona. Here goes nothing. Congratulations to the other fine testimonies reported herein.

    Nancy Sokoloski   |  October 15, 2007


I am 46 years old and all my life have had thick hair. Over the last year, I noticed that my hair was rapidly thinning and breaking off at the roots. I began using Wachter's 5121 No. 12-Nutri Hair Complex in March 2003. At this time, June 2003 the thickness that I have always experienced has returned - my hair is thriving. My Hair Dresser has asked what have I been doing, so I told her about Wachters products. I thank Wachters for this wonderful supplement.

    Gail Alston   |  October 15, 2007


One of my clients has a family history of heart disease. Her latest blood pressure worried her. It was 139/90. She began taking WH-Heart-N-More at my suggestion. For the first week she took 3 tablets a day. Her new BP was 117/70. In the 2nd and continuing weeks she is taking WH twice a day.

As it happens, another of my clients who is a nurse has a similiar history. With a BP of 150/90, she began taking WH three times a day. Within a few days it dropped to 130/80. I wasn't satisfied with her results and suggested she take Wachters' Hawthorn Berries twice a day, especially when she is in high stress situations - which seems much of the time. I monitor her progress and continue the dialogue about her health.

    Andrea Wicke   |  October 15, 2007


One of my clients has a family history of heart disease. Her latest blood pressure worried her. It was 139/90. She began taking WH-Heart-N-More at my suggestion. For the first week she took 3 tablets a day. Her new BP was 117/70. In the 2nd and continuing weeks she is taking WH twice a day.

As it happens, another of my clients who is a nurse has a similiar history. With a BP of 150/90, she began taking WH three times a day. Within a few days it dropped to 130/80. I wasn't satisfied with her results and suggested she take Wachters' Hawthorn Berries twice a day, especially when she is in high stress situations - which seems much of the time. I monitor her progress and continue the dialogue about her health.

    Andrea Wicke   |  October 15, 2007


I am a 45 year old female who has cancer, and numerous autoimmune disorders that cannot be cured. I have used various Wachters products for over 25 years. I do believe that if it wasn't for the Wachter's products I still wouldn't be! My doctors and I are amazed at the products benefits. I still have hair on my head despite numerous rounds with chemo and I beleive it is due to the amount of
Wachter's products that I take on a daily basis. I todays world we need a product like Wachter's. Keep up the good work and spread the word to all your friends!!
Katlynn Marie

    Katlynn Marie   |  October 15, 2007


After a family member suffered a near fatal heart attack, I felt it was imperative to repair the damage and build up his immune system as fast as possible. I tried different products but finally put together a drink that minimized the number of products he needed to take and maximized the results.

I stir the following in either water or soy milk both morning and late afternoon:

Formula A (1 T-2x's a day)because it contains a full spectrum of vitamins, the all important minerals from Wachter's Sea vegetation, 800 IU of E, 1000 mg. of Calcium,600 mg. of Magnesium, B12 and Folic Acid which are all things now being recognized as important for prevention of further heart attacks and/or strokes.

Aqua Pro, 1/2 scoop 2x's a day because it not only has soy protein but lecithin, chlorella and spiralina all beneficial to the immune system.

XXtra Boost Juice which contains green tea extract, astralagus, ginseng, reishi mushroom to boost the immune system, hawthorne and ginkgo to strengthen the heart, circulation to the brain and is also a blood thinner.

Digest a Klenz to clean the colon and help with lowering the cholestrol level.

What an amazing drink! He was resistant to too many pills but he enjoys this drink as it produces instant energy, a feeling of well being and has the healing nutrition his body needs.

    Cheri M. Sakai   |  October 15, 2007


I have spent a lifetime struggling with hypoglycemia. Attacks of server low blood sugar would come frequently leaving me weak and trembling and often faint.

Carrying food with me wherever I go has been a must. IT is not always easy and the supply must be enough to last the time out of the house.

When my first order of No.74 Snaks came I put a few packets into my purse along with the regular food for the day's outing.

I had used upp my food ad was out longer than expected and became very weak until I remembered my Snaks. One package of Snaks elevated my blood sugar, gave me energy and cleared up my mind!

Since then I just travel with Snaks. As little as two tablets can get me through a long period without food.

What a great gift. Thankyu so much, Wachters for this great product!! I wouldn't think of being without it and recommend it for everyone not just hypoglycemics. Even blood sugar makes for a successful day for us all.


    Andrea Wicke   |  October 15, 2007


The Spra-itt heavy duty spray cleaner helps me keep my radiant range clean and shiny. I find that it is far superior than the cooktop cleaner that we were given by the range manufacturer.

    Lynetta McElroy   |  October 15, 2007


I've been running quite extensively (approx 6 miles every other day) for the last year and I have been taking #52 magnesium- potassium daily to prevent muscle cramps. I ran out of the #52 a week ago and sure enough this morning after my run last night, I noticed cramping in my left calf muscle. Needless to say I got another bottle of #52 quickly and I'm sure I'll be cramp free after my next 6 mile run. Thanks Wachters'!

    colin   |  October 15, 2007


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