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Fact about The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation:

Audio Testimonials 19-27

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19 - Chlorophyll cures pets!
Lois fed her terminally ill dog Wachters' products and saved it from being put to sleep. The woman speaking also cured her dog's inability to walk thanks to Wachters' Chlorophyll

20 - Chlorophyll and antibiotics
Ear nose and throat doctor gave this woman an antibiotic instead of her Wachters' Chlorophyll. She took the Chlorophyll instead and within weeks was cured!

21 - Formula D and PGF
Woman with poor vision took these Wachters' products and had to keep getting lower prescription lenses every couple months because her sight kept improving!

22 - Chlorophy: something to talk about
In denver 1976 this woman's father had serious voice problems. After surgery he took Chlorophyll to gargle and healed up so well it shocked the Ear nose and throat doctor!

23 - Blood
Blood workups on this woman's products have shown that her patients are quickly healed!

24 - WH-1
Woman with angina and a believed heart attack has been kept alive with a great athletic lifestyle thanks to Wachters' products.

25 - Formula D for the Heart
Long time user of Formula D and along with her husband have done beautifully for years, helping them cope with serious heart problems.

26 - Formula C
Wachters' products have been a Godsend for this woman. With regular useage they've helped calm her upset stomachs and overall keep her healthy!

27 - Conclusion
Thank you for browsing our testimonials! This is a quick conclusion to all the above.

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